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Felice Mathieu

Christian Marriage Coach | Speaker Poet | Author

Who is Felice Mathieu?

Felice Mathieu is an accomplished professional in the field of Christian marriage counseling. He has dedicated his life to helping couples develop skills to create healthy, Godly relationships. 

His approach is deeply rooted in teachings from Jesus Christ, his Lord, and Saviour. Felice utilizes a unique philosophical approach to marriage counseling that addresses both the emotional and spiritual needs of his clients, deeply and practically. 

He is an insightful author on communication in marriage(A Christian Marriage Guide: Preventing Arguments and Promoting Unity in the Christian Marriage) and the book has been widely praised for its practical and insightful advice. 

In addition to counseling, Felice is also an accomplished Speaker and Poet. Felice uses Spoken Word Poetry to innovatively highlight truths of God’s Word.  His vision is to help keep whole marriages whole.

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Why were people soulmates on their wedding day, only to be divorced a short time after?

How do some couples stay together for 40 or 50 years while the average marriage lasts 7 years?

How do we make relationships stronger at every level of society, starting with the most sacred and selfless act of marriage?

I was in a unique position to ask these questions, and I was passionately curious. I became obsessed with relationships and used my experience and expertise to dive deep into the most important aspect of any relationship: Communication, from the Latin word meaning “to share”.

Shortly after I met my wife, her father led me to Christ. After coming back to God, it started to make sense. God already had a perfect design for relationships, and we were ignoring it…


“Growing up I wanted nothing to do with God.

I remember watching my mother die slowly when I was 11. I knew that only God could save her from HIV and so I prayed. And prayed. Yet, despite my prayers, my mother died, and immediately after I turned away from God.

In less than a year after that I became an orphan when the only other living blood relative I knew,(my granduncle) died.

That trauma at such a young age, made me feel incredibly, lonely. That loneliness I felt, created an obsession. I wanted to understand relationships deeply and thoroughly. 

 I wanted to get married one day, stay married forever, and have children. Even at the age of 12 I was thinking to myself, “if I die, then that’s the end of my bloodline.” Having a family, to me, would hopefully end the loneliness I felt.  I had questions about marriage and relationships.


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Through my new relationship with God, I started to understand how the depths of Scripture provided answers to questions I have been asking about marriage and relationships for a long time.

Today, I’m on a mission to help spouses achieve unity in their marriage,(especially in our black communities)so that we can build community inside and out. And I’m not stopping until we start raising ourselves and our children with the unbreakable bond between two loving people.

Because it takes unity to raise a community.”,



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